So, the Whitney movie premiered on Lifetime over the weekend, and after the Aaliyah Lifetime movie, I was not looking forward to another biopic let down. Sure we’ve heard talk about Yaya DaCosta, who plays Whitney, being a spitting image of Whitney, but that wasn’t enough for me. Whitney Houston is in the top 3 of my all time favorite singers. I love her so much, I refer to her as “aunt Nippy.” The day she died, I was having dinner at Southern Art, in Atlanta, and famed chef Art Smith came over to my table with the news, and I’d like to faint. Saturday night, I gave in, and tuned in to watch Whitney.

After the first 10- 15 minutes or watching, I found myself actually smiling. Once I realized the movie would be more of a love story, I was all in. One thing about Whitney… she really loved Bobby Brown, and vice versa. Good or bad, those two were down for one another.


The Whitney Estate wanted no parts of this movie. But that didn’t stop Director, Angela Bassett, from moving forward with completing the movie. I must say, she did a good job. From casting, to wardrobe, to hair and make up… everything was on point. Of course, this would not have been a hit on the big screen, but for a Lifetime movie, it wasn’t bad.


Yaya did a great job as Whitney. She nailed the scenes where Whitney was high on drugs, or in the blue suit while performing “I’m every woman.”  Some scenes Yaya resembled Whitney almost too well, I had to do a double take.


But, can we talk about DEBORAH COX?! She is not Whitney by far… but she KILLED the vocals. If she has an album coming out, someone please let me know. I totally forgot how amazing her voice was. *claps hands* Great job Deborah Cox, you’re amazing.


Overall, I feel it was a good movie. A few things that were weird… Bobby Brown was portrayed as a saint. Who knew he wasn’t the one that introduced Nippy to cocaine? I didn’t. This entire time I’ve been hating him for nothing. My fault Bobby. One of my favorite Bobby Brown lines from the movie:

How do you stop when the one person that you love is just as bad as you are.

Also, the ending was weird. It just ended, in the middle of the story. I knew Whitney’s death wouldn’t be featured. But, because it was a love story, it should have went a little deeper into the marriage. At least ended with the ending of the marriage. I don’t know, I just needed something else.

R.I.P. Aunt Nippy

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