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summer is upon us…

dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince: summer time


summer is upon us, and all I can think about is the sound of great music blasting from car stereos, portable speakers at the park, pool, or beach, and MUSIC FESTIVALS. check out a few throwback songs i LOVE, that also remind me of summer…



ice cube: it was a good day


juvenile: back dat ass up



50 cent: in da club

back story about this song: the NBA All Star game was hosted in Atlanta, my freshmen year of college. just to let you know, that weekend, was one of the BEST weekends of my life. Around that time 50 cent was “the next big thing.” his hit song in da club could be heard anywhere there was a speaker, or stereo.

a bunch of my college friends (shout out to Pfeiffer Hall, second floor, east wing) headed to Lenox Mall to join in on the “ratchetness.” we arrived at Lenox, and maybe 45 minutes later, the mall was shut down. as we were leaving, we heard in da club blasting from a truck. about 10 of us started dancing, and rapping along, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, IN BUMPER TO BUMPER TRAFFIC. shortly after a guy gets out of the truck, and signals for one of us to come to him. guess who it was? 50 cent. he invited all of us to the club with him that night. so we ran back to the dorm, and started getting ready. he called later to check in, and confirm we were coming. he then asked if we had cars. wanda’s response, “Hell naw we ain’t got no vehicles.” and that was the the end. NO transportation, NO party.

every time I think of that story, I smile from ear to ear. epic.


happy saturday everyone, enjoy this amazing weather, and amazing music!




So, the Whitney movie premiered on Lifetime over the weekend, and after the Aaliyah Lifetime movie, I was not looking forward to another biopic let down. Sure we’ve heard talk about Yaya DaCosta, who plays Whitney, being a spitting image of Whitney, but that wasn’t enough for me. Whitney Houston is in the top 3 of my all time favorite singers. I love her so much, I refer to her as “aunt Nippy.” The day she died, I was having dinner at Southern Art, in Atlanta, and famed chef Art Smith came over to my table with the news, and I’d like to faint. Saturday night, I gave in, and tuned in to watch Whitney.

After the first 10- 15 minutes or watching, I found myself actually smiling. Once I realized the movie would be more of a love story, I was all in. One thing about Whitney… she really loved Bobby Brown, and vice versa. Good or bad, those two were down for one another.



i wanna be down…

One of my best friends sent me “the song of the day,” and it took me all the way back. I was at work, volume turned up to the max, singing at the top of my lungs. In 1994 I lived for Brandy, and Monica. Of course I was team Monica, but there was no way you could deny Brandy was the ISH!!



My Favorite lyrics from the song 

“I ain’t afraid of the sweat but yet I bet you got the techniques to freak a girl inside out, what’s that all about” -MC Lyte

“You be that brother that I wanna sink my teeth in make me wanna ask where tha hell you been.” -MC Lyte

“Seems like you got a hold on me it must vodoo cause baby I want you.” -Yo Yo

“… and you gotta keep it strong for tha cause and you got to keep me strong for the toss.” -Queen Latifah

“No one else understands us but we you were the first to tame me uh Big Tif I’m out.” -Queen Latifah




**There is something about Queen Latifah on stage rapping in 2014 that makes me smile on the inside. When I first saw the performance from the BET Hip Hop Awards, I wanted to jump through my computer screen, and show the audience the reaction they should have had.

i love you TINA TURNER.

photo 2

Happy 75th Birthday to my IDOL, Tina Turner… the Queen of ROCK & SOUL! When I was 17 years old, I listened to Tina Turner’s debut album Private Dancer, and fell in love. Her strong voice with her Rock and Roll style surprised me. After reading her autobiography, and watching “What’s Love got to do with it” I became completely obsessed with her.


3 of my FAVORITE songs from TT’s Private Dancer 

the TINA TURNER TURNUP. (Listen via Spotify)


my FAVORITE TT quote, and my motto…

If you are unhappy with anything… whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.




3 things that I LEARNED from TT:

Fringe is your BFF

Love ain’t got nothing to do with it

Women RULE the world



Outfit of the Day... TT Inspired

Outfit of the Day… TT Inspired