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three things I’m currently obsessing over…


• smith & cult •


porn a thon


If I was stranded on an island, and only had one beauty product, I pray it would be white nail polish, preferably OPI alpine snow, but I won’t be picky. After finding porn a thon by smith & cult, I may push the white nail polish aside for awhile. I only need two reasons to love a specific nail polish… one, it must be long lasting, and two, it has to have a cool name. CHECK & CHECK!




• the shag •

danish beauty-- freya beha

danish beauty- freya beha


I think I’ve worn my hair in the same style for over 9 years. Yeah, that’s pretty accurate. Every once in awhile I’ll add extensions, or highlights, or a ponytail, but the bang and short bob is my signature. SO, this summer I vow to change it up. Although I am a gaudy, bigger is better, hot mess… I’ll start with something simple. Adding a little texture will work. Currently obsessed with a 70’s inspired shag, and channeling Stevie Nicks.



kendall jenner for givenchy




yes. yess. YASSSSSSSSSS RIHANNA. I’m obsessed with rihanna’s new sound and song. Listen to her new single, bitch better have my money. enjoy.

Before releasing the the full #BBHMM track, rihanna offered fans snippets on dubsmash… It’s kind of stupid, but held my attention for a few minutes.


Next week I’ll be sharing hair products I’m obsessed with…

stay tuned.

the KEY to perfect bangs

I don’t care what purse is “IN” this season, or what Jennifer Fisher bracelet you’re obsessing over. The best accessory will always be the “perfect bangs.” Having your bangs cut is the most important haircut you will ever have. So, please please please, DO NOT cut your own bangs. I’ve tried it years ago, and it was a disaster.

After having bangs for over 10 years of my life, I think I’ve learned a few tricks.There are certain ways you have to maintain bangs. The best way is to use great products. My go to product for oily or limp bangs, is Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. Spray a little at the root, and BAM… Life! This product can be used for giving texture and volume to hair as well.


the BANG product-- ORIBE, Dry Texture Spray

Even if you DON’T have bangs, you need this product- ORIBE, Dry Texture Spray


My top 3 favorite products

My top 3 favorite products

  • Shu Uemeura: Essence Absolue- Nourishing Cream
  • Kérastase: Keratine Thermique- Eliminates frizz and leaves your hair soft and shiny
  • Oribe: Dry Texturizing Spray- Add texture and volume to lifeless hair


Perfect bangs

Perfect bangs


sunglasses ASOS, sweater H&M, coat VINTAGE/THRIFTED, skinny jeans URBAN OUTFITTERS, wedge sneaker DKNY