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summer is upon us…

dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince: summer time


summer is upon us, and all I can think about is the sound of great music blasting from car stereos, portable speakers at the park, pool, or beach, and MUSIC FESTIVALS. check out a few throwback songs i LOVE, that also remind me of summer…



ice cube: it was a good day


juvenile: back dat ass up



50 cent: in da club

back story about this song: the NBA All Star game was hosted in Atlanta, my freshmen year of college. just to let you know, that weekend, was one of the BEST weekends of my life. Around that time 50 cent was “the next big thing.” his hit song in da club could be heard anywhere there was a speaker, or stereo.

a bunch of my college friends (shout out to Pfeiffer Hall, second floor, east wing) headed to Lenox Mall to join in on the “ratchetness.” we arrived at Lenox, and maybe 45 minutes later, the mall was shut down. as we were leaving, we heard in da club blasting from a truck. about 10 of us started dancing, and rapping along, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, IN BUMPER TO BUMPER TRAFFIC. shortly after a guy gets out of the truck, and signals for one of us to come to him. guess who it was? 50 cent. he invited all of us to the club with him that night. so we ran back to the dorm, and started getting ready. he called later to check in, and confirm we were coming. he then asked if we had cars. wanda’s response, “Hell naw we ain’t got no vehicles.” and that was the the end. NO transportation, NO party.

every time I think of that story, I smile from ear to ear. epic.


happy saturday everyone, enjoy this amazing weather, and amazing music!




the MOORE's. john & shawanda.

the MOORE’s. john & shawanda.

 An entire week later, and I still can’t believe my friend is a WIFE. Clearly it was in the cards for her, as her nickname amongst friends is “Martha Stewart.” But, the thought of knowing it’s finally real, is CRAZZZZZY. I am so excited, and overjoyed for the MOORE’s, and wishing them a lifetime of happiness!

In the name of love and my obsession with selfies… please enjoy “selfies” of my favorite couples who attended the MOORE wedding!



nikole & tony.

nikole & tony- 16 years of LOVE


steve & tukia.

steve & tukia- 6 years of HONOR


darion & raena- 3 years of HAPPINESS


yoni jessie.

yoni & jessie- 2 years of RESPECT



real LOVE is forever.


shonda & byron.

shonda & byron.



joseph & bjorn.


me & bae.

me & bae.

  ** for more images of the Moore wedding, search #loveyouMOORE

Missing my ALMA MATER

Sweatshirt Sleeves made by @CivilizedDreams (Instagram)

Sweatshirt Sleeves made by @CivilizedDreams (Instagram)

This past weekend was my College Homecoming, in Atlanta. And guess where I was… in Brooklyn, New York, watching the fun via Instagram. It’s still shocking that I wasn’t in Atlanta, because I vowed to attend every Homecoming until “THE WHEELS FALL OFF.” To page homage to Homecoming weekend, I wore my favorite CAU sweatshirts, and t-shirts. I watched youtube videos about Atlanta, and flipped through an old yearbook.

 I’ve admitted I’m obsessed with Clark Atlanta University and Homecoming… and this is how I know:

  • I have all paraphernalia from Freshmen year saved and stored safely under my bed. (Even a few flyers from parties I attended)
  • I refer to Homecoming weekend as a Holiday
  • About a month ago I teared up when it was confirmed I wouldn’t make Homecoming this year
  • I would love for my fiance to propose to me on the eve of Homecoming (I HATE holiday engagements, it’s my #1 pet peeve)
  • I am obsessed with “Ladies of the AUC” youtube video. Although it was shot in the 80s, I can totally relate to every word in this song. The visual is an added benefit! (Press Play and Enjoy!)