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snapchat filter approved.

happyyyyy new year ya’ll… did ya miss me?! well, I missed you & I hope you had an amazing holiday season. i spent Christmas in philly with my future baby daddy and family. although LC (little chris AKA my baby daddy) has met my entire family before, this was his first time spending a major holiday with them. my family is SUPER chill when it comes to holiday’s so it was definitely a change for him. not to mention this was the first time he’s been away from his family on Christmas. LC is a sweet heart, for real.

anyway…  I want to start the new year off by publishing an over due post. for the past 8+ months, I’ve been wearing my hair wavy and I am completely OBSESSED. many of you comment on Instagram and Snapchat asking how I do my hair. I always say it’s super easy and I’ll do a tutorial… but I’ve just been super lazy. don’t judge me. just watch the video below, and don’t burn off your hair.

LISTEN… I have never recorded anything, except my snapchat videos (do they count?) so don’t go on YouTube leaving all types of crazy comments talking about, “Tisa needs a professional videographer,” or “this video is a hot mess,” or “the lighting is weird.” NOPE… don’t do it. this is my first time being “the face,” recording, and editing (actually the video below isn’t edited) on my own, so… act like ya know! now, I like my Instagram post wayyyyy better than the YouTube version, but the YT version has more detail, it’s unedited, and you get to listen to the #1 song in country…





this is what you need to know about the so wavy hairstyle:

DO NOT… DO NOT do this hairstyle everyday. hot tools used daily are damaging to your hair (seriously, look at my edges)

always use a heat protecting product before using a hot tool. I LOVE nectar thermique by kerastase

if you aren’t familiar with using a curl wand, practice with your finger first because you will burn your hair. yep it’s real. (fast forward to 4:21 in the video tutorial)

always pull the hair around the barrel in a backward motion, never forward. the curl/wave will be weird if you do

I literally curl my hair EVERYDAY. please don’t do this. do a bantu knot protective style to avoid curling daily

oribe- dry texturizing spray
kerastase- elixir ultime oil
shu uemura- sheer lacquer hair spray
conair- 1″ curl wand (the best $20 I’ve ever spent)
stellar diva light ring- not pictured


this has been one of my favorite hair styles EVER, but truthfully, it’s too much heat. like, wayyyy too much. fortunately, I have access to one of the top luxury deep conditioning treatments in the industry. so, my hair isn’t as horrible as it should be. nonetheless, I have to stop. I’m 75% positive that in february I’ll be ditching all hot tools but I’m still on the fence, but its just fear of the unknown.


let me know your thoughts on the so wavy hair tutorial, but only if they’re positive!  


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  1. Donnetta Daniels
    January 19, 2017 at 8:50 am (2 years ago)

    I like your hair like that. Flawless!!


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