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I love a good DIY, that’s why I have over 50 projects saved to my pinterest board with little hopes of actually completing any. the thought of doing something on your own sounds like fun, and looks good to your bank account, but to be honest who has time? I’m tired, and I don’t have time to find the time to complete a project. I’m the girl that’s super hype in the beginning, and half way through the project I’m calling task rabbit. *rolls eyes*

anyway, I’ve been dying for an over-sized denim jacket for so long, but on average they’re $150. so, when I saw so many different styles and creations via pinterest, I was like “girl… DO IT YASELF.”


you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find an oversized denim jacket in NYC. I think I rummaged through 5 thrift/ vintage stores and came up with nothing. i finally found my $30 denim jacket (which was more than I wanted to spend) at L Train Vintage in the East Village.


oversized denim jacket

oversized denim jacket




I was able to purchase all of my supplies at Michael’s. legit… you only need 4 items:

  • acrylic or fabric paint (I chose acrylic, its always been my preference)
  • a paint brush (go with something that’s a little bigger than an average paint brush, so the writing is bigger and stands out)
  • a small bowl (to mix paint)
  • pencil 







button your jacket from top to bottom and lie it on a flat surface. button side facing down

using your pencil, lightly draw the phrase of your choice on the back of your jacket, making sure its even, centered, and the right size

add paint to your small bowl and follow the pencil outline using the paint

once complete, lie the jacket flat in a dry place

allow 12 hours to dry

philly jawn... FOREVA

philly jawn… FOREVA


for more images, check out my IG: thegoldcurve.  this was probably the easiest and fastest DIY I’ve ever done and I’am completely OBSESSED with the finished result. The cost of this entire project was about $45… so much better than $150!

I also found a Sharpie marker for fabric, and it’s amazing. If you don’t feel like using paint or waiting for the drying time, grab one of these and go crazy.

I would love to see your DO IT YASELF denim creations… don’t forget to show me!



*LTrain Vintage is one of my favorite vintage stores, and they have about 7 locationsbetween manhattan and brooklyn.

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