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my MUST HAVEs for fall…

fall is here, and while I can’t believe summer is over, I am super excited for fall fashion. check out my MUST HAVEs for fall, along with cost efficient options (for you and me)



gucci dionysus supreme embroidered bag

Jessica Buurman

jessica buurman shoulder bag




rag & bone bomber

rag & bone bomber


h&m bomber 



h&m x kenzo is coming…


you cant go wrong with CHANCE.

november 3rd marks the release of the anticipated h&m x kenzo collaboration. i love the kenzo brand, but ya’ll know how I feel about these h&m x___________ collaborations. i HATE IT. i love the idea, its genius, but to actually snag something as simple as a scarf, is always a hassle. so, needless to say, I’ll be sitting this one out.

what i must admit, is the marketing behind this collab, has been so dope that I almost want to elbow a few chicks for a t-shirt (jk about the elbow). photography by jean- paul goude, featuring celebrities like chance the rapper, and iman… OBSESSED.


keep reading below to see some of my favorite pieces from the line… its pretty cool!


low key obsessing over…



ballet street shoes


i feel so childish even thinking about how obsessed I am with wearing ballet shoes in the streets. especially the rough streets of NYC. But, I can’t help to gush over how cute they are. I’m not 100% sold on purchasing a pair, but I thought I would share my obsession with you. well.. I’m like 85% sold on the metallic silver pair. keep reading and let me know what you think!


leather street shoe balletbeautiful.com

leather street shoe