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perspex strap mule sandals

 perspex strap mule 


windsor smith chunk white leather tassel heeled sandals

 windsor smith chunk white leather tassel heel


fringed high heel

sorta white fringed high heel


find them here:






Planning on killing the summer with all of these white numbers.  2 of 3 are already in the mail, and heading my way. You know I love white nail polish, so the thought of that white on white action makes me do a little dance in my head. I’m so excited.

Honestly, I’ll probably only wear the heels a few times, because the A train and 4″ heels ain’t hardly cute. But, I just have to have them.


oh yeah… i celebrated a birthday.


birthday cards from my loving friends & family


birthday’s have always been special to me. I remember growing up, and having parties. the entire family would come to my house, everyone would sing the “happy birthday” song and I would make a wish and blow out the candles. my parents would give me great gifts, and my siblings and cousins would hug me all day. It was always a great time. I’ve always looked forward to april 3rd, and 31 years later… ain’t shit changed!!



i seriously have the greatest friends… they came from all over the country to celebrate with me. One even surprised me!


xoxo… the the weekEND


tisa face = duck lips… with the FamWorkers


you ever have a weekend, where you have so much planned, and one thing changes, and the whole weekend is ruined? Well that’s how my weekend started off, but In the end I made the best of the situation.

The best part about my weekend was, running into Eddy and Andre’s, the delivery guys at a deli near my job.

Eddy & Andres... both drunk ass a skunk.

Eddy & Andres… both drunk ass a skunk (whatever that means)


he has a picture of me in his wallet

Andres has a picture of me in his wallet


Seems a little weird, but it literally made my crack up laughing. Why is this my life? HAHA.



sunday laser tag


have you ever been to a laser tag day party? yeah, me either. honestly, the most fun I’ve had with a group of people in a long time. $17 drinks at the highline ballroom, 3 minutes of laser tag, and a dope ass group of people… the perfect end to my weekend.









Ohhhhh… let’s not forget the selfie stick takeover.


this stick really is the greatest




I’m too turnt up




 brooklyn stoop chillin– Sundays weather was amazing



so basically, my weekend was chill but fun… how about you?

is it spring, or nah?




spring is coming slowly, but surely. today, I brought the legs out because I’m tired of being dazed and confused by this weather.

still a little hungover from my birthday weekend, so please excuse the ponytail. deets and pictures from my birthday celebration are coming up! stay tuned.


fact: I wear fringe in some way or fashion minimum, twice a week.




obsessed with this ear cuff. thank you PATRICIA!



but wait… let me fix my hair.



sweatshirt and fringe dress: h&m

shoes: vince

purse: c. wonder



one of the most comfortable pair of heels I own.




I don’t care what the temperature is, I’m dressing for spring… starting today. have a great week everyone!