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xoxo… to the weekEND

photo 4

Another one bites the dust… CONGRATS future Mrs. Penny on  your upcoming wedding!


 I rarely hang out in the city, let alone the Meatpacking District but here are a few tips to get you through the night:

  • PRE- GAME. PRE- GAME. PRE-GAME. drinks in the city are expensive for no reason.
  • DO NOT cross the rope before a bouncer grants you access. Seriously, you’ll be escorted off the premises.
  • BOTTLE SERVICE or NOTHING. It’s annoying being “General Admission” at the club. If you’re celebrating something special, cough up those extra coins and relax.
  • DON’T BE THE ANGRY BITCH. Listen, this is New York, it’s ALWAYS crowded. No need to get all defensive and rude because someone bumps into you or touches you. Leave New York if you don’t like people or can’t stand being touched by a random person. That’s life in this city.
photo 1

cheek bones on point.



three things I’m currently obsessing over…


• smith & cult •


porn a thon


If I was stranded on an island, and only had one beauty product, I pray it would be white nail polish, preferably OPI alpine snow, but I won’t be picky. After finding porn a thon by smith & cult, I may push the white nail polish aside for awhile. I only need two reasons to love a specific nail polish… one, it must be long lasting, and two, it has to have a cool name. CHECK & CHECK!




• the shag •

danish beauty-- freya beha

danish beauty- freya beha


I think I’ve worn my hair in the same style for over 9 years. Yeah, that’s pretty accurate. Every once in awhile I’ll add extensions, or highlights, or a ponytail, but the bang and short bob is my signature. SO, this summer I vow to change it up. Although I am a gaudy, bigger is better, hot mess… I’ll start with something simple. Adding a little texture will work. Currently obsessed with a 70’s inspired shag, and channeling Stevie Nicks.



kendall jenner for givenchy




yes. yess. YASSSSSSSSSS RIHANNA. I’m obsessed with rihanna’s new sound and song. Listen to her new single, bitch better have my money. enjoy.

Before releasing the the full #BBHMM track, rihanna offered fans snippets on dubsmash… It’s kind of stupid, but held my attention for a few minutes.


Next week I’ll be sharing hair products I’m obsessed with…

stay tuned.



the MOORE's. john & shawanda.

the MOORE’s. john & shawanda.

 An entire week later, and I still can’t believe my friend is a WIFE. Clearly it was in the cards for her, as her nickname amongst friends is “Martha Stewart.” But, the thought of knowing it’s finally real, is CRAZZZZZY. I am so excited, and overjoyed for the MOORE’s, and wishing them a lifetime of happiness!

In the name of love and my obsession with selfies… please enjoy “selfies” of my favorite couples who attended the MOORE wedding!



nikole & tony.

nikole & tony- 16 years of LOVE


steve & tukia.

steve & tukia- 6 years of HONOR


darion & raena- 3 years of HAPPINESS


yoni jessie.

yoni & jessie- 2 years of RESPECT



real LOVE is forever.


shonda & byron.

shonda & byron.



joseph & bjorn.


me & bae.

me & bae.

  ** for more images of the Moore wedding, search #loveyouMOORE

a few days in ATLANTA


i escaped the snow storm in NYC

i escaped the snow storm in NYC. excuse the blur.


the coolest wedding
photobooth set up
photo booth set up

In 2015, can you even say you had a “fun” wedding reception if there was no photo booth? A backdrop, camera, and props, seriously brings couples, and people together. At one point, I jumped in a picture and didn’t even know the person in the picture.

89 years YOUNG.

89 years YOUNG.

When I think of individuals who are in their 70’s and 80’s, Mrs. Anna Mae (pictured above) is not what comes to mind. When I tell you, Mrs. Anna Mae had better dance moves than people half her age. She danced the entire night. I was immediately obsessed with her, I mean just look at her outfit!

taco food truck

food truck

All you can eat taco’s, thanks to  Tex’s Taco Truck. I must say, having a taco truck or any sort of food truck cater any event is genius. No fuss, guests walk up and order how much of whatever they want. You don’t have to worry about servers photo bombing your pictures, or worry about the stress of having a 4 course meal.


she keeps us classy… sometimes!


5 days of… amanda





I love so many different types of fashion. The Victorian era, Elvira, 80’s hair metal, middle eastern ceremonies, Elvis Presley, cowboys, and Native American Indians- it sounds insane but these are all things I think of when putting outfits together. My entire wardrobe all laid out probably wouldn’t look like it all belonged to one person. I have very random taste.





5 days of … amanda










I am obsessed with the chunky shoe fashion, I love solid platforms. Unfortunately, I can’t wear them since I stand all day for work. After about an hour my feet start to KILL and soon to follow in agony, are my legs and back.





3 reasons why I’m obsessed with Amanda

  • She’s a talented hair stylist at Butterfly Studio Salon
  • She understands me… If I give someone a side eye, she knows exactly how I feel. No explanation needed.
  • She’s in the top 5 Best Dressed, out of everyone I know. Hands Down.