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winter white?


There is just something about white nail polish that makes me so happy. It’s been my signature nail polish color since high school. I could be tanning in Barbados, or stomping through 12 inches of snow in Brooklyn, either way I’ll still have a fresh white mani/pedi. But after over hearing two “acrylic nail” wearing girls make negative comments about wearing white lacquer made me think… is it time for me to tone it down or at least try something different? I didn’t mind their judgement, but after 10+ years, I do think I need a “little” change. So, yes, change is coming… but, NOT TODAY SATAN. For now, check out my favorite white lacquers, and brands!


my all time FAVORITE... OPI: alpine snow

my all time FAVORITE…
OPI: alpine snow



butter LONDON: cotton buds


essie: find me an oasis

white with a touch of blue… essie: find me an oasis



my newest obsession… rbg: jennifer fisher x rgb, taken


If you have any white lacquers that you love, please let me know. I’ll even take a few recommendations for nude lacquers. Baby steps.



So, the Whitney movie premiered on Lifetime over the weekend, and after the Aaliyah Lifetime movie, I was not looking forward to another biopic let down. Sure we’ve heard talk about Yaya DaCosta, who plays Whitney, being a spitting image of Whitney, but that wasn’t enough for me. Whitney Houston is in the top 3 of my all time favorite singers. I love her so much, I refer to her as “aunt Nippy.” The day she died, I was having dinner at Southern Art, in Atlanta, and famed chef Art Smith came over to my table with the news, and I’d like to faint. Saturday night, I gave in, and tuned in to watch Whitney.

After the first 10- 15 minutes or watching, I found myself actually smiling. Once I realized the movie would be more of a love story, I was all in. One thing about Whitney… she really loved Bobby Brown, and vice versa. Good or bad, those two were down for one another.



the BEST part of the Golden Globe’s

Common and John Legend won the 2015 Golden Globe, for Best Original Song, for “Glory,” which appeared in the motion picture “Selma.”

Common’s acceptance speech, which not only bought me to tears, but also Oprah Winfrey, was truly amazing. Common, often uses his platform to uplift the black community, and last night he held nothing back. Common I salute you, and thank you!


*Also, if you have not seen SELMA… GO, NOW. Take anyone you know who is not registered to vote, or does not actively vote.