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gifts from Ira Mae… the hat edition.




I really think I’m Lisa Bonét with this red hat. Actually it’s not the hat, been thinking that since my parents named me Tisa Monét.





 I am my grandmother’s child. She loved this hat so much I basically ripped it out of her hands.





 Why does Ira Mae have a hat from Urban Outfitters? Maybe because I purchased it as a gift for her a few years back. She had the nerve to “re- gift” it… TO ME.


the KOREAN side of me




the sides… my favorite is the fish, and kimchi


scallion pancake with seafood… Pajeon


kimchi stew… Soondubu Jjigae


Hot Stone Bibimbap


Rice Porridge… nope, I’ll pass.



Whenever I’m with Min Kim, she will guarantee I’ll have some sort of Korean cuisine. No complaints over here, because I have fallen in LOVE with Korean food, especially Korean BBQ.

For my first time at BCD Tofu House, a personal favorite of Min Kim’s, I must say, the Bibimbap was the best I’ve tried.


out on a school night… kinda

photo 2

Left: Classic with lamb, sun dried tomatoes, and fresh basil. Right: Margherita with spicy sausage, and fresh basil.



First stop… Waldy’s. For the best pizza I’ve had in a long time. I know the myth about New York having the “best pizza,” but honestly, I haven’t really been impressed until Waldy’s.

Also impressed by Tappo Thin Crust Pizza.


photo 3

Second stop… 34th Street AMC to see TOP FIVE. Number 1, when did the price of movie tickets become $15? WTF? Number 2, when did movie theaters stop accepting school discounts? No, I’m not in school but damn, I need my discount. Enough of my little rant. TOP FIVE is a MUST SEE. It’s pure comedy, and most importantly, it’s the honest truth.


xoxo to the weekEND.


30 looks great on her!




Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club




Connect Four Tournament




Shuffleboard Courts




Royal Palms Bar– love.



I promise I love the weekend just as much as the next person, but this weekend has sucked my entire soul dry. From birthday celebrations, to brunch, to shuffleboard tournaments all while facing the NYC winds, last minute holiday shoppers and consuming large amounts of alcohol has worn me out. I’m not complaining, especially since I plan to do it all again next weekend, haha.

Friday night, I headed to Putnam Pub and Cooker, to celebrate 30 years of life with Jac’leen.

Saturday, brunch at Piquant, the best part was $10 bottomless Sangria. I walked out of the restaurant feeling warm and tingly inside. Later, I tried something different and hung out with friends at Royal Palms Shuffleboard. Which, until that night, I had no idea what shuffleboard was. Thank goodness for friends with creative minds

Sunday, chill day. I made my own breakfast. Inspired by my “friends” at the corner store… beef sausage, egg and cheese on a round roll and watched HBO series all day… please don’t judge me!

What did you do this weekend?

My Christmas Wish list

"break the bank" Christmas Wishlist
Knot Ring- Jennifer Fisher  I  Canon EOS Rebel T5 Dslr-  I
Bag-  I  Signet Ring-  I
 Beats Pill Wireless Speakers-


sae them coins
Bar Tool- I
FRESH Scented Candle, FRESH Lilac Fragrance- I
ZARA Fringe Messenger Bag-  I  Karl Zahn Contour Key Ring- I Reebok Classic Sneaker- I
Paula Mendoza Gold Plated Ring-

vintage in december


When I think about growing up, and being a teenager, I remember HATING winter. Probably because I wasn’t into vintage fashion back then, who knows… oh, and because summers in Philly are pretty much epic. But today, I can say I appreciate the season. It’s just that time of year that makes me grateful to have/ had two great women in my life. My grandmother’s, the late great Amelia Virginia Wright, and the amazing Ira Mae Salter. Both taught me their personal definition of style and I am so thankful.


3/4 black vintage coat with fur collar

Thank you for this beauty Ira Mae!

Thank you for this beauty Ira Mae!



camel vintage coat with fur collar

Thank you Amelia Virginia!

Thank you for this greatness Amelia Virginia!




Both Coats are Vintage… gifts from my grandmother’s

sunglasses: ASOS (almost the same)

shoes: STEVE MADDEN (almost the same)


winter beauty essentials

beauty essentials


Winter has officially arrived, and while you’re buying new winter coats and hats, don’t forget to purchase new beauty essentials as well. The winter weather will surely do a number on your skin, and hair. But, here are my favorite products to fight the winter weather. Also, I added a few essentials that I am OBSESSED with, and use year round.


The Progressive Peel by Beauty RX

About 6 months ago, I was introduced to the PEEL BAR. It’s a glycolic peel, that literally takes 10 minutes. Immediately after the service, you will notice glowing, smoother skin, and there is no redness or irritation afterwards. After completing the service, you must purchase The Progressive Peel. It’s an at home glycolic system that maintains the glow, in between peels. It’s a 3 step process, that lasts 6 weeks, including a nightly serum, exfoliating pads, and exfoliating cream.


Fresh- Hesperides Grapefruit, Eau De Parfum

This product is one of my year round essentials that I swear by, especially during the winter months. FRESH Parfum, is super light and lasts all day. For me, I wear a lighter fragrance during the winter months for several reasons. The #1 reason, is the close contact with New Yorkers on the train. My morning commute is crazy. Sometimes I’m standing face to face with another commuter, and the last thing I want to think about or smell is their overpowering perfume or cologne. So, I guess you could say, I’m being considerate of my fellow Rush Hour Commuters by wearing a light frangrance perfume.


ALOHA- The Foundation Supplements

I swear, I try to be healthy, but let’s be real. It is HARD to focus in New York City. Everyday there’s a new restaurant opening, a donut being shoved down your throat, or a co worker making you rice and beans with curry chicken. But, ALOHA, The Foundation pouch of nutrients is the perfect boost. These 5 supplements will increase energy, enhance focus, and improve your skin.


Burt’s Bees

The best lip balm…. EVER. The End.