xoxo… to the weekend


real quick… give it up for the KING! Dr. Martin Luther the KING. his life, his struggles, his sacrifice’s need to be celebrated everyday.  

*slow clap* *slow clap* *slow clap*


what a great 3 day weekend thIs was… THANK YOUUUUUU DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING. it seems as if I was non stop the entire weekend, but it was amazing. I think I’ll be petitioning for a mandatory 3 day weekend once a month. I’ll let you know how that goes! in the mean time scroll down and check out my weekend shenanigans.


I ventured out to harlem for a vision board party. harlem is so beautiful, I definitely have to make more of an effort to visit.

vision board party:: hosted by kelly


wine: the pinot project


so wavy hair tutorial…


snapchat filter approved.

happyyyyy new year ya’ll… did ya miss me?! well, I missed you & I hope you had an amazing holiday season. i spent Christmas in philly with my future baby daddy and family. although LC (little chris AKA my baby daddy) has met my entire family before, this was his first time spending a major holiday with them. my family is SUPER chill when it comes to holiday’s so it was definitely a change for him. not to mention this was the first time he’s been away from his family on Christmas. LC is a sweet heart, for real.

anyway…  I want to start the new year off by publishing an over due post. for the past 8+ months, I’ve been wearing my hair wavy and I am completely OBSESSED. many of you comment on Instagram and Snapchat asking how I do my hair. I always say it’s super easy and I’ll do a tutorial… but I’ve just been super lazy. don’t judge me. just watch the video below, and don’t burn off your hair.


my ONLINE holiday gift guide…

oh goodness… Christmas is a little over 2 weeks away and I know I am not the only one who hasn’t started shopping, or am I? I just can’t… NYC is already so overwhelming when it comes to shopping or anything for that matter, and during the holiday season its 100 times worse. so, my goal this year is to to do as much online shopping as possible. check out my online holiday gift guide below, for all of your loved ones!


HER (a.k.a ME)

Online holiday gifts for her



online holidgiftd for him
Urban Outfitters men’s shoes / Urban Outfitters men s fashion / Narciso Rodriguez eau de parfum perfume / Beats by Dr Dre tech accessory / Mugs for couples quote coffee mug wedding mugs by SassyGalsWisdom / bel homme beard butter / THE RITUAL OF LIGHT





online holiday gifts for dad

It Luggage men s gift sets kit / Prospector Co men s cologne / Jack Black mens grooming / UGG brown shoes



online holiday gifts for the bff...

hopefully my online holiday gift guide help you find a last minute gift or discover a new product.

enjoy & happy shopping!

obsessing over… coffee body scrubs



kate lynn & adwoa products


there was a time I thought attending an HBCU was the ultimate black cultural experience. but then… I moved to brooklyn, and my life has forever changed. all I ever want to eat is jerk chicken, rice & peas, and beef patties. if I don’t hear at least 2 soca songs on a saturday night out, then I’ll throw a fit. I ditched nivea, lubriderm, and dove soap for pure shea butter, dr. bronner’s and black soap. girl, listen… these hips are wider than ever, but my skin is clear and glowing… and I’m happy with all dat. oh… and I’m celebrating kwanzaa this year!

I’m always on a mission to try new products and brands, and this summer I discovered a new  skin care line, kate lynn & adwoa. I met the owner, Davida, a few years back at a women’s empowerment dinner in Atlanta, hosted by my amazing friend Jesse Mills. so, when I learned of the new business venture, I had to support.

I originally was only going to purchase a few bars of black soap, but then found  the coffee body scrub and ordered that as well. coffee seems to be all the “RAVE” right now, but its always been an amazing addition to beauty products more specifically body scrubs, and here’s why:


Do It YASELF… denim creation



I love a good DIY, that’s why I have over 50 projects saved to my pinterest board with little hopes of actually completing any. the thought of doing something on your own sounds like fun, and looks good to your bank account, but to be honest who has time? I’m tired, and I don’t have time to find the time to complete a project. I’m the girl that’s super hype in the beginning, and half way through the project I’m calling task rabbit. *rolls eyes*

anyway, I’ve been dying for an over-sized denim jacket for so long, but on average they’re $150. so, when I saw so many different styles and creations via pinterest, I was like “girl… DO IT YASELF.”


you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find an oversized denim jacket in NYC. I think I rummaged through 5 thrift/ vintage stores and came up with nothing. i finally found my $30 denim jacket (which was more than I wanted to spend) at L Train Vintage in the East Village.


oversized denim jacket

oversized denim jacket



my MUST HAVEs for fall…

fall is here, and while I can’t believe summer is over, I am super excited for fall fashion. check out my MUST HAVEs for fall, along with cost efficient options (for you and me)



gucci dionysus supreme embroidered bag

Jessica Buurman

jessica buurman shoulder bag




rag & bone bomber

rag & bone bomber


h&m bomber 



h&m x kenzo is coming…


you cant go wrong with CHANCE.

november 3rd marks the release of the anticipated h&m x kenzo collaboration. i love the kenzo brand, but ya’ll know how I feel about these h&m x___________ collaborations. i HATE IT. i love the idea, its genius, but to actually snag something as simple as a scarf, is always a hassle. so, needless to say, I’ll be sitting this one out.

what i must admit, is the marketing behind this collab, has been so dope that I almost want to elbow a few chicks for a t-shirt (jk about the elbow). photography by jean- paul goude, featuring celebrities like chance the rapper, and iman… OBSESSED.


keep reading below to see some of my favorite pieces from the line… its pretty cool!


low key obsessing over…



ballet street shoes


i feel so childish even thinking about how obsessed I am with wearing ballet shoes in the streets. especially the rough streets of NYC. But, I can’t help to gush over how cute they are. I’m not 100% sold on purchasing a pair, but I thought I would share my obsession with you. well.. I’m like 85% sold on the metallic silver pair. keep reading and let me know what you think!


leather street shoe balletbeautiful.com

leather street shoe



get it for the low…





listennnnn… ya’ll better stop overlooking the discounted retailers. the MUST have Stella McCartney Platform Oxford which retails for $900 can be found (the imitation) for a STEAL at one of my go to spots.

keep reading for purchase details


my “summer 16” sneaker obsession



:: the puma creeper– sold out, but still on my wish list ::


for some reason, when I think of summer, I think of new sneakers. it’s definitely reminiscent of my childhood. my parents always bought me new sneakers for summer, and it’s so crazy that 20 years later I can still find happiness in a simple childhood memory!

hopefully, I can put away my winter coat… and break out a fresh pair of sneaks soon. OUT with my winter booties, its time to change it up. as I wait for the weather to clear up, you continue reading, to see all my “summer 16” sneaker obsessions:


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